Quinoa is here!

This is the original button we used back in the early 1980s to announce the arrival of quinoa for sale in the United States. At the time no one had ever heard of quinoa, and we were faced with the task of introducing it with very limited resources. This button was all we could afford. It said it all. Quinoa … Read More

Wow! Quinoa Brownies

This is another awesome recipe from Wendy Polisi. Quinoa-Black Bean Brownies!!!

So Delicious!

Check out this fantastic recipe for vegan black bean soup with quinoa. Wendy’s quinoa recipes are some of the very best I know of.

Yes! This is Quinoa

Did you know that there are several thousand different varieties of quinoa, not just the white, red, and black currently available? This particular variety was grown in Cochabamba Bolivia. It will look different once the outer layer containing the bitter saponins is removed.